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Kroatoan News

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News Update 11/02/07:

There will be an upcoming split with the Raw Black Metal band Necro Cult. For more information on Necro Cult please refer to the links section.


News Update 11/21/07:

There will be an upcoming release with the band 'Benediction ov Wrath' soon on Cassette. The Kroatoan/Necro Cult Cassette is finished, go and check the information about it in the "Discography" section.


News Update 12/08/07:

The Kroatoan/Benediction ov Wrath is finally done and it is limited to a quantity of 30 CDs. You will be able to purchase the CD from Classic Horror Records for $6.00 USD. We are also working on a full length which will come out around February 2008. Here is the Kroatoan Banner for your website, just copy the code and paste it into your site.

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